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How to resize an oversized hoodie

I have this super-baggy hoodie that i got 2nd-hand a long time ago that i didn’t wear as it was too big for me. I hesitated bringing it to a tailor for an alteration to fit me bcos I figured the cost to do so would defeat the purpose of me getting the hoodie 2nd-hand (at a lower price) - as the Hokkiens would say, Bo-hua!

Recently, I acquired a sewing machine so I thought I should just try doing it myself. So showing the spirit of a true DIY-er, I googled tutorials for resizing hoodies and all I got was instructions for resizing t-shirts or reconstructing old shirts to hoodies.

I was desperate and helpless. Hence, I had to do something all sensible amateurs do - turn to mama for help. And it worked! So as a way for me give back to society and mankind, I’m writing this tutorial to help all future cheapskate DIY-ers googling on this topic.

Step 1: Decide a sensible way to do this. Lay out your hoodie on the floor and decide how much material you’ll need to cut off. A good way is to find a hoodie or shirt that already fits you and use it as a guage.

Step 2: Take out the sleeves from the body of the hoodie. Use a blade or that small tool that picks out threads (thread-picker?) and carefully separate the sleeves. If you’re feeling lazy (or gutsy), you could just use a scissor to snip it off - but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Step 3: Now its time to get off the excess material from your sleeves, cos nobody likes having a pair of flabby arms, aye? Turn the sleeve inside out. Using your ideal sleeves size as a comparison, use a tailor chalk (but because I’m so ghetto, I used a color pencil) to mark the area you want to snip off.

Step 4: Using the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine, sew along the line you’ve just drawn with your chalk. Make sure its end meets the original seams of the sleeves near the cuffs gradually. Then snip off the excess material you’ve just sewn off.

Step 5: Do step 4 for both sleeves and… voila! You now have 2 reduced-size sleeves to fit your perfectly toned arms! Congrats. Now you can graduate to the body! Turn the body of your hoodie inside out. Using your ideal-sized shirt as a comparison, use the chalk to mark out the area where you want to trim off. Make sure the markings gradually end at where the original cuff is at the bottom.

Step 6: Sew along your markings, again with the zig-zag stitch, and stop at the curve below the arm pit. Now snip off the area you’ve just sewn off, plus the area you’ve marked out for the armhole. Here’s a tip: For the front side of the arm hole, cut a bit deeper (about 1” in) so the sleeves will look more natural when sewn back to the body.

Step 7: Here is the tricky part. Using round-head pins, attach the sleeves to the armhole of the hoodie body. Make sure both the sleeves and body are turned inside out, and then pin along the edges of the sleeve and armhole together about 7mm in. Do this for both of the sleeves.

Step 8: Finally it’s time to sew your hoodie back together! Using the zig-zag stitch, sew along the edges  of the armhole you’ve just pinned together. Make sure there is no gap along the way. Do this twice if you want it really secure. (Recommended - you’ll never know when you may rely on a securely-stitched sleeve to save your life!)

Congratulations! You’ve now completed your hoodie-resizing! Wear it proud!

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